*B Jacobs Pride HH 4ever In Love
DOB: February 28, 2017
*G6S Normal by Parentage*

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4ever In Love is a buckling that is strong in bone, wide and flat with handfuls of loose, dairy skin while he also towers in stature. He also exhibits the same excellent back and rump as his parents with a desireable rear leg set. His dam, CH Jacobs Pride Hotsy Totsy 4ever, finished her championship at the young age of 3, competing in strong competition and earning two Senior Best-In-Show titles. She descends from powerful lines of both her dam and sire, and is proving that this strength in her genetics continues strong by passing on into her offspring. 

His sire, *B Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge, has been a huge excitement since his birth and has been living up to all I have hoped for. He continues to excite us with his offspring. They are beautiful, correct and are freshening with beautiful mammaries! Out of 26 kids registered since 2014 and sired by Howard, 9 have earned official championship legs and 10 have earned reserve champion wins, with 1 being Best-In-Show! 

Don't miss your chance to have history made in your herd by taking hold of this opportunity offered to bring home 4ever In Love to your herd.


CH Jacobs Pride Hotsy Totsy 4Ever

2-04 88 VEVE; 3-03 90 VEVE
Structural Categories: V+VEVEEE
Show Record: 5xGCH, 3xRGCH, 3XBOB, 2xBDIS
Maternal Granddam:
Jacobs Pride Mistys Hotsation

2-04 88 VV+V; 6-03 91 EEEE
Structural Categories: EVVEAEEE

Dam's Sire's Dam:
SGCH Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy

3-01 88 VEVV; 7-04 92 E+EE; 8-00 91 E+EE
Sire's Sire's Dam:
SGCH Jacobs Pride Pop Rock Candy 10*M

2-03 88 VVVE; 4-03 90 VVVE; 5-03 92 EEEE; 6-06 92 EEVE
LIFE 1198 8670 4.6 402 3.4 298

*B Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge

3-04 88 VEV; 4-04 91 VEE
Structural Categories: EV+E+EE
Show Record: 1xGCH, 2xRGCH, 1xBBIS
Paternal Granddam:
Jacobs Pride Cameron Doeiaz 1*M

2-03 86 V++V; 3-04 88 V+VV
Structural Categories: EVEVV+VE
1-11 305 1730 4.3 75 3.5 61

Consigned by: 
Deborah Emholtz Family
Marana, Arizona

Phone: (520) 240-6643
Email: jacobspride@gmail.com

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