Evie's Toggs Thrill's Poppie
DOB: April 17, 2017

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I am so excited to be offering Poppie for your consideration in this years Spotlight Sale! Besides being a real character and an absolute love she is about as solid as they come. Poppie easily earned her junior champion leg this spring at just under the age of SEVEN weeks old and went on to win best junior doe in show that same day at the highly competitive NWODGA show in Salem, OR. Poppie was crazy cool to look at at seven weeks old, now she’s down right stunning! Her smoothly blended, sharp, uphill, and angular build combined with a deep chocolate coat color really makes her stand out from the crowd. One of the coolest things about Poppie’s pedigree is that she’s double stacked with GCH Evie’s Toggs NS Storm Watch +*B on both sides. The consistency I’ve seen with Storm Watch and his ability to cast improvement upon a wide range of doe families in my herd makes me confident that Poppie is packed with reliable linebreeding you wont be disappointed with! 

Poppie’s dam, GCH Evie’s Toggs Storm’s Pantera 1*M, is a barn favorite with her long, elegant build and pleasing mammary. She earned her EX 91 EEEE LA score this year as a 5 year old. Poppie’s sire, *B Evie’s Toggs Storm’s Thriller, LA: 05-04 90 VEE is the last son of my foundation doe, SGCH White-Hawk Denali’s Tess 8*M, LA: 07-04 91 EEEE who was one of the most solid and elegant does I’ve owned with fabulous fore udder extension and width, in addition to her stunning general appearance. I am really liking what I am seeing from the Thriller daughters with one of his notable daughters being, Evie’s Toggs Thrill’s Theme, who was the 2015 ADGA National Resereve Junior Champion. Theme has already earned two GCH legs towards her championship as a 2 year old and is showing great productivity with a nicely attached, globular shaped mammary that has tremendous height and width into that escutcheon. 

I expect Poppie to freshen in a very pleasing manner and based on how growthy she is, that could be as soon as next spring for you!


GCH Evie's Toggs Storm's Pantera 1*M

5-03 91 EEEE
2012 ADGA National 2nd place Senior Kid
2015 ADGA National 2nd place/3rd Udder Three Year-Old
Dam's Full Sister:
GCH Evie's Toggs Storm's Prada 1*M

5-02 91 EEEE
2012 ADGA National 6th place Two Year-Old
2015 ADGA National 10th place 5/6 Year-Old

Maternal Sister:
Evie's Toggs MRJS Pandora

1-03 85 VVV+
2015 ADGA National 7th place Milking Yearling
Sire's Littermate Sister:
GCH Evie's Toggs Storm's Tundra 9*M

4-02 87 VVVV
2015 ADGA National 6th place Four Year-Old

Paternal Sister:
Evie's Toggs Thrill's Theme

2-03 87 VVE+
2015 ADGA National 1st place Senior Kid
2015 ADGA National Reserve Junior Champion
Paternal Granddam:
SGCH White-Hawk Denali's Tess 8*M

7-04 91 EEEE
2009 ADGA National 3rd place/3rd Udder Aged Doe

Consigned by: 
Evelyn Harry
Oakville, Washington

Phone: (360) 470-9917
Email: eviestoggs18@yahoo.com

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