*B Bar XX Rocky Marvel
DOB: February 22, 2017

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Marvel is a combination of 4 does in the herd who have achieved Top 10 records multiple times each! His dam, GCH Bar XX Diablo Melody 11*M, was the 2016 Sonoma County Fair Reserve Champion. She has also made the ADGA Top Ten in 2015 and 2016. While her dam, Bar XX Riley Melinda 10*M, has been in the ADGA Top Ten in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Marvel's sire, *B Bar XX Rialto Rocky, has a show record of 2xGrand Champion and 2xBest Buck-In-Show when shown this year. His littermate sister, GCH Bar XX Rialto Rosemary, finished her championship as a two year-old and linear appraised 2-04 88 (VVEV). Rocky's dam, GCH Bar XX Riley Roxy 2*M, was Reserve Champion and Best Udder at the 2015 California State Fair; and Resrve Champion and Reserve Best Udder at the 2014 California State Fair; while his sire, Rowe's Maddison Rialto, was the 2015 ADGA National Premier Sire and also the California State Fair Premier Sire for 5+ years. Rocky's maternal sister, GCH Bar XX Tyler Roxanne, was Grand Champion at the 2016 Sonoma County Fair.

If you are looking to add milk production, as well as top show placings to your pedigrees, then Marvel is your buck!


GCH Bar XX Diablo Melody 11*M

2-03 89 VEVE; 4-02 88 +EEV
2-11 303 3540 2.4 86 2.5 89
2015 ADGA Top Ten: #8 Milk
2016 ADGA Top Ten: #4 Milk, #9 Protein (preliminary)
Maternal Granddam:
Bar XX Riley Melinda 10*M

3-05 87 VEEV; 4-04 92 EEEE; 6-03 90 VEEE
2013 ADGA Top Ten: #4 Milk; #9 Fat, #2 Protein
2014 ADGA Top Ten: #3 Milk, #9 Fat; #4 Protein
2015 ADGA Top Ten: #4 Milk; #8 Fat; #4 Protein
2016 ADGA Top Ten: #7 Milk; #7 Protein (preliminary)

Dam's Sire's Dam:
GCH Bar XX Marksman Diamond

3-07 91 EEEE; 4-04 90 VEVE; 5-03 92 EEEE
2013 ADGA Top Ten: #10 Milk
2014 ADGA Top Ten: #10 Milk, #10 Protein
2015 ADGA Top Ten: #7 Fat, #9 Protein
Dam's Sire's Littermate:
GCH Bar XX Riley Danielle

3-03 88 VE+E; 5-03 90 VEEE
2015 ADGA Top Ten: #9 Milk, #10 Fat

Paternal Granddam:
GCH Bar XX Riley Roxy 2*M

3-08 91 EEEE; 4-05 91 VVEE; 5-03 91 EEEE
2014 ADGA Top Ten #8 Milk
2015 ADGA Top Ten: #10 Milk, #8 Protein
Herd Relatives:
Dairy Herd Group

(L-R) GCH Bar XX Riley Roxy; GCH Bar XX Tyler Roxanne; GCH Bar XX Diablo Melody' SGCH Bar XX Riley Francine

Consigned by: 
John & Leslie Cardoza
Angels Camp, California

Phone: (209) 770-2222
Email: msdairyqueen@netzero.com

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