Pleasant-Grove Sims Swooning
DOB: February 5, 2016
**Parentage Verified**

2017 ADGA National 8th place Milking Yearling
Linear Appraised: 1-07 VG86 (+VVV)

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We’re excited to present our 2nd ever Saanen Spotlight Sale consignment, Pleasant-Grove Sims Swooning. Our last Saanen consignment, Pleasant-Grove Won for All in 2009, went on to earn her SGCH title, appraise EX91 VEEE, earn an AGS National GCH, and milk a lactation over 5000 pounds. We feel that Swooning has the same kind of potential. Coming from generations of strong appraisal scores and high placings at ADGA National Shows, we’ve taken out the gamble of buying a kid as you can already see the well attached and productive udder of Swooning. Shown 7 times in 2017, Swooning has placed 5x1st and 2x2nd. In addition, Swooning was the 8th place milking yearling at the 2017 National Show, making her the fifth generation to stand in the top-10 of a milking class at a National Show.

Swooning’s dam was 10th place 2 year old in 2016, while her granddam was 1st/1st udder 3 year old in 2011. Swooning’s third dam was 1st/1st udder 2 year old and National RGCH in 2007. The fourth dam has 2 top-5 National placings with udder placings, a 2 time National GCH full sister, and another National Class winning full sister. Swooning will be appraised in September, as will her dam, who was appraised VG87 as a yearling.

Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase a milking doe worth SWOONING over, from generations of quality and consistency.


CH Pleasant-Grove I Got Skillz

1-06 87 VEEV; 3-07 90 VEEE
2016 ADGA National 10th place Two Year-Old
Maternal Granddam:
Pleasant-Grove Jumbo Swoon

1-06 88 VEEE; 3-08 89 +EEE; 5-05 90 VEEE
2010 ADGA National 2nd place/2nd Udder Two Year-Old
2011 ADGA National 1st place/1st Udder Three Year-Old

Maternal Great Granddam:
CH Pleasant-Grove WooHoo Soonest

1-04 88 VVVE
2007 ADGA National 1st/1st Udder Two Year-Old Rec. Grade
2007 ADGA National Reserve Champion Rec. Grade
Maternal Great Great Granddam:
CH Pleasant-Grove Cobra Sooner

5-05 91 EEEE
2005 ADGA National 2nd place/3rd Udder Milking Yearling
2007 ADGA National 5th place/3rd Udder Three Year-Old
Full Sister to 2xNat'l GCH Pleasant-Grove Cobra Slither EX92
Full Sister to Pleasant Grove Cobra Skeet, 1st/1st Yrl 2006 Nat'l

Full Sister to Maternal Grandsire:
SGCH Pleasant-Grove Won Granduer

1-07 87 ++VE; 3-04 90 VEEE; 5-06 91 VEEE
2011 ADGA National 1st place/1st Udder Milking Yearling
2012 ADGA National 3rd place/3rd Udder Two Year-Old
Littermate to Pleasant-Grove The Won I Got, 2013 & 2017 National Premier Sire
Paternal Grand Dam:
Pleasant-Grove Won Skylight

1-05 87 VEEV; 3-02 90 VEEE; 5-04 90 VEEE
2011 ADGA National 3rd place/2nd Udder Milking Yearling

Consigned by: 
Craig Koopman
Epworth, Iowa

Phone: (563) 599-1520

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