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Welcome to Boise, Idaho, site of the 2015 American Dairy Goat Association Annual Meeting and Convention!        

We hope you will join us this October to discover ADGA's Hidden Treasure at the Riverside Hotel in Boise. Boise is the capital city of Idaho and the county seat.  Established during the gold rush days of the 1800s, Fort Boise which was owned by the Hudson Bay Company, was established by British fur traders in 1834. The fort was abandoned in 1854 due to infrequent Indian raids. A new fort was built in 1863 to protect the many travelers coming to the area during the gold rush days. A townsite was established next to the fort and that has become the present day Boise. From historic sites, the Boise Zoo, museums, and recreational areas, Boise has something for everyone. The Boise River Greenbelt is accessible from the local park.

The week will be filled with educational seminars, AASRP programming, multiple youth events and hands-on events such as soap making and AI seminars. The ADGA annual meeting will be held as well as the Judges TC and the Spotlight Sale. The Banquet and Costume Ball will be held Friday evening as well as a Champagne and Dessert buffet which will precede the Spotlight Sale on Saturday evening this year.

If you are interested in pursuing a judging license, make plans to register as a
Candidate, Auditor or Spectator for the next training conference, October 16-18
in Boise. Registration dates will be posted on this website and in the third quarter
issue of ADGA News & Events. Training materials are currently located on the
ADGA Type website (adgatype.info). Scroll to the bottom of the site and select
ADGA Judges Online Training Materials. You will find articles on what to expect
at a Judges Trianing Conference, a sample of what the written test is like,
Pre-Training Conference Materials and Reasons Tutorial complete with sample
animal classes.

Make plans  now to attend the 2015 ADGA Convention. This will be the first year that the convention will run on the shortened schedule with events planned starting Tuesday, October 13 and concluding on Sunday, October 18. Please check out the Schedule page for a tentative 2015 scedule.

This website will be a work in progress and we will be adding information to the pages as it becomes available. Please check back often as we will be updating it frequently. Make plans now to visit Boise and attend the ADGA Convention in October 2015.

See you all there!


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